What to bring west coast salmon fishing

What to Bring      Salmon & Halibut fishing Uclulet BC

   Salmon and Halibut fishing the west coast of BC is a lot of fun but one must be prepared for possible adverse weather conditions. It's good to have your own rubber boats and rain gear, although Albion Salmon fishing charters does provide cruiser suits (one piece full body floatation and weather protection). Dress in layers so you can compensate according to west coast weather conditions. Bring your lunch in a small cooler. You will need at least one large cooler per person to take your catch home on ice, unless you plan on having it sent to Saint Jeans cannery were they will smoke, can or vacuum pack it for you, then ship it to your home.

List of items for Salmon and Halibut fishing the west coast of Vancouver Island BC.

Rain gear and boots
Warm layered clothes
Lunch and drinks
Large coolers for fish storage (2 days fishing, allow one cooler per person)
Saltwater salmon fishing license
Camera or Video equipment to catch the action
Good pair of sunglasses with retainer strap (polarized are best)
Good rain proof hat
Sun block, it may be the west coast but on sunny days it can cook!
Sea sickness pills or wrist bands, some people are prone to motion sickness
Small pair of binoculars are fun to have
And of course a good selection of jokes

Ucluelet has a good selection of stores and shops if you forget anything.
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