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   My career as a commercial fisherman started in 1978 and after 13 years as a crewman on various fish boats, seining salmon, long lining halibut, gill netting herring, from Alaska to Vancouver, I purchased my own commercial vessel named the Ferndale.

   Fishing shrimp out of Ucluelet, I landed just over a million pounds of pinks at the peelers with my modest little 36 ft beam trawler. After a decade of fishing 300 days a year, I learned a lot about weather systems, sea state and ocean conditions, and a whole new meaning of "respect for the ocean".

   I spent a brief time studying fish behavior at the "Marine Institute" in St. Johns Newfoundland and helped develop a by-catch reduction device in concert with D.F.O in an effort to save the shrimp industry from being regulated to death. However, like many fisheries before it, the writing was on the wall, and it was time to move on.

   In order to stay on the water, and use the knowledge and instincts I developed over the years, I chose to become a fishing guide, making memories for people, promoting good stewardship , and conservation of our resources.

   I am currently president of the Pacific Rim Fish & Game Association, I also volunteer in local salmon enhancement projects, whenever I can, from fundraising for various projects to harvesting fish in the fall for egg takes for the Thornton Creek Hatchery. I am an avid hunter, and fisherman, and hope to be able to enjoy both for many years to come.

  Yours in conservation,
  Murray Demman
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Salmon Fishing the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia
             Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, B.C.
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